About Bursa Chamber of Electronics

About Bursa Chamber of Electronics

Bursa Chamber of Electronics

Bursa Chamber of Electronics, BELKTRO was established in 1982 by craftsmen, technicians and engineers jointly. Our institution undertook the mission of improving electronics industry in Bursa region where is the leader city of Turkey in textile, automotive and machinery industries. BELKTRO is a semi-governmental and non-profit organization via Turkish Republic Law is numbered 5362 about craftsmen and artisans.

We serve to electronic related craftsmen and their workers in Bursa, Turkey. BELKTRO is also specialize in  vocational training programs and projects.

Member Profiles & Working Areas

We have 1800 members in February 2010. Likewise many of them have established their own large cab corporate companies in course of time, many of our members are still active in branches of electronics business like;

  • PCB design and manufacturing
  • Electronic Device Repairing
  • Machinery design and manufacturing
  • Software Development
  • Computer Hardware/Network Services
  • Medical Electronic Equipment Services
  • Industrial Automation
  • Satellite Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Sound Systems
  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Electronic Game House and Internet Saloon Keeping

Our Services for our Members

  1. Registration services
  2. Prepare and approve the official documents
  3. Inform to the government about working and training conditions of members
  4. Counselor services for the request of government
  5. To solve the consumer problems between members and customers
  6. To improve the working conditions of members
  7. Organize the fair activities and seminars
  8. Supervision of goods, merchandises and services which are produced by our members. Their goods and services are checked for quality standards so we can also provide expertise service to improve their business, goods and services

Except the ordinary services are mentioned above, our members can use our Superior Training Center for themselves and their employees according to Turkish Republic Laws are numbered 5362 and 3308 about Craftsmen and Artisans, Vocational Training, Apprenticeship and Mastership.

Therefore we arrange and execute various kind of training programs and projects to achieve this important mission. Our center is available to our members’ beneficial usage for vocational training.

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