Bursa Chamber of Electronics

Bursa Chamber of Electronics

Bursa Chamber of Electronics

As the first clause of 5362 numbered Turkish Republic Law about craftsmen and artisans refers to aim of this complete law is “Providing services about technical needs, improving occupations with the help of the vocational training and protecting the professional rights of craftsmen, artisans and their employees”

Obligation of vocational training for craftsmen, artisans, technicians, engineers and potential employers or employees is given to corporations like Bursa Chamber of Electronics according to this law.

In our national conditions, the most suitable method to improve our members’ professions and businesses is the vocational training. Therefore we established the first training center of Turkey which is dedicated to teach electronics and computer related occupations and crafts in 1998. Also Bursa Chamber of Electronics is still the first and unique chamber in which has its own training center in Turkey.


BIC Banská Bystrica

BIC Banská Bystrica is an institution with the mission to speed up the economical development of the region through the support of both businesses and public sector. The organisation began operations operating in 1994, and has gradually extended the range of provided services into the educational area and the area of quality management implementation.
Nowadays, there is a broad network of Business Innovation Centres in Europe, which are linked together within the European BIC Network (EBN) and are considered as the key factor for regional development. BIC BB is a member of the Association of Advisory Centres (BICs and RPICs) in Slovakia and closely works in co-operation with National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (NADSME).

BIC Banská Bystrica has been granted the Quality Certificate from the reputable international company BVQI that enables it to provide the wide range of guidance, support and educational services. 

BIC Banská Bystrica was the first organization in Slovakia to start up the operation of Business Incubator and Technological Centre in Banská Bystrica, which was co-funded from the sources of the PHARE program. BIC Banská Bystrica provides guidance and support services for starting innovative businesses and enterprises placed in the incubator. Support is provided through consulting and educational services with the aim to strengthen the business and to prepare the company for the commercial environment.

Banská Bystrica Self-governing Region was ranked among chosen regions that are achieving the highest rate of long-term disadvantaged job seekers. In June 2008 the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family approved financing of 8 projects of social enterprises, 4 of which are implemented in the Banská Bystrica Self-governing Region. The aim of these projects is to find an effective mechanism for functioning of social enterprises, the pilot check of the establishment and functioning of social enterprises focused on reduction of unemployment and prevention of social exclusion, especially through training, activation of the disadvantaged individuals, reinvestment of surpluses to the development of sustainable providing of services and community development. 

BIC Banská Bystrica, s.r.o.
Rudohorská 33
974 11 Banská Bystrica Slovakia
tel.č.:  048/471 64 11
fax:     048/471 64 14
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EKPOL - Social & Cultural Council of the Prefecture of Magnesia

EKPOL - Social & Cultural Council of the Prefecture of Magnesia

EKPOL aims at successfully tackling obstacles on social issues as well as implementing projects for the cultural promotion of Magnesia Prefecture. It was established in 1996 and it is run by a Board chaired by the President. Since its establishment EKPOL has implemented joint actions for equal rights in employment through the benefit of acquiring specialised information, advisory and social support, training, acquisition of work experience. We have taken initiatives so as to enable information, advisory and social support, training, acquisition of work experience. We have taken initiatives so as to enable integration and rehabilitation of all in the job market, support their entrepreneurship, promote work related issues, collaborate with all local institutions for the employment and entrepreneurship and support public opinion against the marginalization in the job market. After supporting services are applied, EKPOL proceeds in all necessary actions so that these individuals are ready to join the job market, by increasing their dexterities and skills related to entrepreneurship.

Tel: 00302421071950

Mazovian In Service Teacher Training Centre

Mazovian In Service Teacher Training Centre

Mazovian In Service Teacher Training Centre is an institution run by the Self-Government of the Mazovian Province. Our institution provides support and training to advisors, headmasters and teachers , as well as educational officers of local government. We popularize new pedagogical conceptions, innovative solutions in programs and methodology. Our aim is to support human resources of education system in improving skills, which will help to ensure a comprehensive development of students in everyday school practice. Our institution is made up of 7 departments located in 7 major cities throughout the Mozovia region. In particular, we have 112 consultants , 200 methodological advisors and 80 administration staff. We organize seminars and conferences, provide VET training, continually improve and qualify courses aimed at both developing professional skills and supporting and motivating teachers . Our services are used by 75 000 teachers working in 3500 schools.

Swietojerska 9 00-236 Warsaw Poland
Tel: +48 22 635 32 89

Cumbria Credits Limited


Cumbria Credits, Carlisle, United Kingdom is a not-for-profit social enterprise company limited by guarantee. CCL promotes community regeneration through adult education. Cumbria CREDITS was set up as part of a round 1 SRB programme and developed over 70 Community Development Centres (CDCs) throughout Cumbria – the second most sparsely populated county in England. This involved a large capital programme to develop the centres, and identify, train and accredit a number of community facilitators as adult trainers. Learning began with ICT training and progressed to other vocational areas, in response to local needs, in addition to developing a number of projects e.g. credit unions, food co-ops and taster courses. CDCs work in partnership with the LEA to deliver adult training and partners such as rural regeneration agencies, housing associations and local enterprise agencies. Cumbria CREDITS has won a number of national awards, including a National Training Award & Regeneration Award

LA12 8HF
United Kingdom

Centros Europeos de Empresas e Innovación de Castilla y León

Centros Europeos de Empresas e Innovación de Castilla y León

The organisation was created on 1990 with the sponsor of the European Commission (General Direction XVI of Regional Policies).
The company has an equity based legal identity, with most of his social capital provided by public bodies (regional government, local government, municipalities, governmental agency…) and located in two centres, Valladolid and Leon (Castilla and Leon region).
The company is structured and organised according to three main working areas: Incubation Area, Entrepreneurship support Area, Business Information and Services Area.
The corporate purpose is to promote innovative SMEs creation and to modernise the already existing ones.
As specific objectives:
  • To promote the entrepreneurs and business spirit
  • To increase the human capital productivity, through sensitiveness and training of managers
  • To organise creation actions and companies modernisation at a regional level
  • To contribute to the economical development and industrial business network of the Region

Jacinto Benavente 2, Edificio SUR, planta 1ª
+34 983 32 42 65


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