Bursa Chamber of Electronics

Bursa Chamber of Electronics

TESK - The Confederation Of Turkish Tradesmen And Craftsmen

TESK is a tradesmen and craftsmen organization that has been established to set and regulate economical and social formations of the society as it originated in relation to the “trade guild membership” formed in 12th century. Very basis of the tradesmen and craftsmen’s  society sector’s modern organizational structure were first formed by means of a law that was passed, and then reached its current structure owing to the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Law numbered 507, that came into force in 1964.  Finally, the tradesmen and craftsmen chambers’, unions, federations’ and confederation establishment and operational rudiments have been renovated according to today’s conditions by means of the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Occupational Organizations Law numbered 5362 that came into force on the date of 21/06/2005.

BESOB - Bursa Craftsman and Tradesman Chambers' Union

Bursa Craftsman and Tradesman Chambers' Union, BESOB  is a non government institution which is union of the Vocational Chambers of Craftsmen and Tradesman in the City of Bursa,Turkey. The organisation has established in 1952. The Union has 75.000 members and 108 related profession chambers now. 

Basic working areas of the Union are Preparation and approval for the members to show the official bureaus, Giving the information about the working areas and current situation of chamber members to the official agencies if  requested, Enrollment of the members, Assignment  and delegation of  representative related with the request of official and private authorities, Working on the disagreements between members and customers, observation and judgement of the problem to solve, Undertaking needed studies about the working areas of the chamber members in the official and private authorities to protect members rights, Controlling the goods and service quality the members product ; the standarts ,conveniency of the production to the health standarts, following of the fee tables determined by the chamber related with the requests of people, Giving consultancy to the member chambers, To give vocational trainings of apprentices working as employee in member businesses and potential members.

BESOB also worked as social partner in the establishment of the training center  TM, BGZ, MEKSA in 1986 Trainings had done in the areas  Since  the year  2003 we have given trainings in the main areas SMOOTHING  / AUTO MOTOR  / WOOD WORKS /COOKING &SERVICE / ELECTRONICS / TEXTILE / ELECTRIC as  BESOB Training Center in this place.

There has been given some short-term courses in the areas like  Pneumatics, Quality in service, Lamello  introduction, Food hygene and sanitation, Auto Electronics, Costs and selling, Technical Drawing, Haccp training preparation , Analyze of measurement systems, Team working , CE basic trainings in its training center  by the cooperation with other NGO ‘s and training institutions .

Between year 2002-2005 entrepreneurship trainings were given to the Bursa region women.

Main Training Activities of training department are Vocational development trainings for foreman and masters, Vocational trainings for non educated people, Pratical development trainings for the apprentices, Pre vocational trainings for the youth from disadvantaged groups, Vocational development trainings for the engineers, Quality and manegement development trainings, Trainings and certification for the vocational areas in which no apprenticeship applied.

BESOB had trained totally 665 person  between the years 2002-2004 in the frame of  Social Privization Project of World Bank – Turkish Employment Agency by the management of  BURSA, BALIKESİR and  EDİRNE departments of Turkish Employment Agency . Participants had trained in the areas such  Welding, Cooking,Service,Textile, Electrical house equipment repairing,Office Management,Woodworks,and  %50 of the participants had been employed after the trainings.

Bursa BESOB Superior Training center is the pilot institution of the Streghtening and Developing  the Vocational Training System Project of Turkish Goverment which  is supported by EU (for further information: www.megep.meb.gov.tr)

In 2005, BESOB had implemented EN 287 Standart Welding Technics Training (Cont.NrTR0205.01/002/01/101) in the frame of Active Labour Market Programmes Project New Opportunities Programme of Turkish Employment Agency which supported by EU and 30 unemployed person had been trained. 

The dependent chambers of BESOB had implemented trainings by the partnership of BESOB ; BURSA DRAPERS CHAMBER Printed Products Designing Training( in the frame of Active Labour Market Programmes Project New Opportunities Programme of Turkish Employment Agency ) for 30 unemployed person . Mechatronics Training of Bursa Chamber Of Electronics ( in the frame of Active Labour Market Programmes Project New Opportunities Programme of Turkish Employment Agency ) for 25 person

BESOB have implemented another Project called The Project of Bursa Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers’ Union and Dependent Chambers , aiming at Forming and Developing a Vocational Education Infrastructure  for the 721 person target group who work in the BESOB and dependent chambers(presidents,general secretaries, audit group members of the chambers,office personel of the chambers) in the frame of  SVET Project ,supported by EU and Turkish Goverment  with the contract number DELTUR/2005/101050

BESOB's dependent chambers had implemented some more EU supported projects in BESOB Training Center.

In year 2006, in branches of Gastronomy , Serving, Retail Sales, Textile, Marketing, Computer Technology, Electrics, Real Estate, Communication, Strategy Development, Project Cycle Management areas totally 800  people trained .

In year 2007 in branches of Welding, Gastronomy ,Computer Technology ,Quality in Textile, Retail Sales ,Basic Computer Usage,Real Estate, Team Management areas totally 1200 people had trained.

In year 2008, in branches of Mechatronics, Gastronomy ,Computer Technology ,Quality in Textile, Retail Sales , Computer Usage and Maintance ,Real Estate, Team Management,Photoshop Pattern Design,Telecommunication Systems areas totally 1500 people had trained.

In year 2009 in branches of CNC Programming for Metal sector, Gastronomy, Computer Technology, Quality in Textile, Retail Sales, Basic Computer Usage, Real Estate, Team Management, Photoshop Pattern Design, Telecommunication Systems, Modellling Styling in textile, Automative  Electronics, Industrial Systems and Automation areas  totally 1800 people had trained.

Corporate Social Responsibility (samples)
Project Development and Implementation Help for NGOs 
Bursa Region Meals Introduction Book Preperation 
Craftsman Culture Week Organisation and Implementation
Food Support for Poor People ( social support campaigns with local NGOs)

For further information you can visit: www.besob.org.tr 
or   you can contact
Mrs Gülbin OKUR 
BESOB Training Center Manager 
Phone : +90 224 441 27 11
Fax : +90 224 441 27 10
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TETESFED - The Federation Of Electric and Electronics Tradesmen And Craftsmen Of Turkey

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