Mazovian In Service Teacher Training Centre

Mazovian In Service Teacher Training Centre

Mazovian In Service Teacher Training Centre

Mazovian In Service Teacher Training Centre is an institution run by the Self-Government of the Mazovian Province. Our institution provides support and training to advisors, headmasters and teachers , as well as educational officers of local government. We popularize new pedagogical conceptions, innovative solutions in programs and methodology. Our aim is to support human resources of education system in improving skills, which will help to ensure a comprehensive development of students in everyday school practice. Our institution is made up of 7 departments located in 7 major cities throughout the Mozovia region. In particular, we have 112 consultants , 200 methodological advisors and 80 administration staff. We organize seminars and conferences, provide VET training, continually improve and qualify courses aimed at both developing professional skills and supporting and motivating teachers . Our services are used by 75 000 teachers working in 3500 schools.

Swietojerska 9 00-236 Warsaw Poland
Tel: +48 22 635 32 89

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